Friday, 1 July 2016

Shortcut Key Tips for Deleting in MS Word (Fix Delete issues)

Shortcut Key Tips for Deleting in MS Word Fix Delete issues,delete issue,backspace button problem,not deleting,how to delete entire line,how to delete full word,select and delete,delete button,shortcut key to delete paragraph,lines,select text,ms word tips & tricks,text delete,picture delete,not deleing,lines delete,ms word keyboard shortcut key,2003,2007,2010,2016,how to delete faster,continuous delete,not workingEveryone use backspace and delete button to delete anything in Microsoft word document, but using some easy keyboard shortcut keys and trick you can do it faster, use Ctrl, Shift, arrow keys, end, pagedown buttons for delete fast and accurate, let see how to do this.

1.     To select and delete entire word, hold “Ctrl+Shift” and use arrow keys, the words will selected press “Delete” button
2.      For select and delete entire line, hold “Shift” press “end” button than hit on “Delete” button
3.     To delete entire from point forward hold “Ctrl+Shift” press “End” hit on “Delete” button

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