Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Shortcut key for Windows 10 Virtual Desktop (Create, View & Close)

Shortcut key for Windows 10 Virtual Desktop (Create,shortcut key to create virtual dekstop,shortcut key to close virtual dekstop,shortcut key to view virtual dekstop,how to use two desktop,tips & tricks,windows 10 virtual desktop,work with two desktop,create view close,windows 10,shortcut key for operate desktop,change desktop,new desktop,switch to desktop,task view shortcut key,all desktop,hide desktop,show desktopHi and welcome in this article I will shows how to use shortcut key for virtual desktop in windows 10, by using keyboard shortcut key you can create, view and close virtual desktop, just follow these easy shortcut key to do this.

Ctrl+Window + D                     : Create New Virtual Desktop
Ctrl+Window + arrow key         : View Virtual Desktops
Ctrl+Window + F4                    : Close Virtual Desktop

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