Thursday, 7 April 2016

MS Word Standard Page Setup for Project, Seminar, Thesis, Assignment

Every university and education courses has their different format for preparing project report, seminar report, thesis, dissertation or assignment, you must follow your university or course format like, particular fonts size, fonts style, paper size, page setup margin, line spacing etc. etc. but; if your university or course don’t have any particular format than you can try this standard page setup for your reports. Let see how to do page setup in MS Word. 

1.    Open the word document go to page setup or hold “Alt” key and press “P,S,P” (Alt+PSP) you will be in page setup.

2.       In the Margin keep; top 1.2, bottom 1.0, Left 1.5, Right 1, the extra 0.5 from the left will goes for binding purposes.

3.       Now in “Paper size” select “A4” and click “ok”

          Note: Follow your university or course format if you have 

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