Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How Many Times you have Checked Your Phone in a Day? Find out

How Many Times you have Checked Your Phone in a Day? Find out,how to know how many time i have checked phone,how to many time checked phone,phone checked,how to know,how to find,Checky-phone Habit Tracker,checking phone habit,checked in a day,in a week,all checked phone,turn on phone,how many time,phone check tracking,phone habit,bad habit,android hone,windows phoen,iphone,phone track checking,How Many Times phone Checked, phone checking habit,  Find out how many time you have checked your phone...If you want to know how many times you have checked your phone? than you should try this simple app called “Checky-phone Habit Tracker” its free and available in google play store.  Just download and install this app and open it, checky will show your phone checking habit and helps to become more aware. This can make changes to your phone usage, if you feel you need to make a change! It's also fun to find out exactly how much you are using your phone.

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