Monday, 15 February 2016

MS Excel Shortcut key for Text Alignments (Left, Right, Center, Top, Bottom)

Keyboard shortcut keys help us to work faster and smarter specially in Microsoft Excel, here I am going to show you some important and very useful shortcut keys of MS Excel.  The topic is how to do text alignment using shortcut key. Lets see the keys, these keys will work MS Excel 2007 to 2016.

1.       For Left alignment select the text, hold “Alt” key and press “H” now leave the both and press “AL”
2.       For Right alignment hold Alt+H-AR
3.       For Centre alignment hold Alt+H-AC
4.       To set alignment as middle, top and bottom use these keys
5.       For tap align press Alt+H-AT
6.       To make a middle align press Alt+H-AM
7.       For bottom align Press Alt+H-AB
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