Thursday, 18 February 2016

MS Excel All Important Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Excel 2003 to 2016

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Alt + =                           Sum all of the above cells.
Alt+HAL                          Left Alignment
Alt+HAR                         Right Alignment
Alt+HAC                         Center Alignment
Ctrl+Shift, +                    Insert Column & Row
Ctrl -                               Delete Column & Row
Alt+Shift+F1                   Insert new worksheet
Alt+EL                            Delete worksheet
Alt+I,S                            Insert symbol
F7                                   Spell Check
Product                          = move cursor on cell * press enter
Sum                                = move cursor on cell + press enter
Ctrl+Shift+Down arrow   Select Entire Column
Ctrl+Shift+left arrow”      Select Entire Row
Ctrl+shift+P                    Font size
Ctrl+Shift+F                    Font style
= Page up                      Link formula
Ctrl+Page Down             Move to next sheet
Ctrl+Page Up                  Move to previous sheet
Ctrl+9                             Hide Row
Ctrl+Shift+9                    Unhide row
Ctrl+0                             Hide column
Ctrl+Shfit+0                    Unhide column (If not work use mouse)
CTRL+B                          Bold formatting.
CTRL+D                          Fill Down command to copy the content
CTRL+F                           Find and Replace
CTRL+I                           Italic formatting.
CTRL+N                          Creates a new
CTRL+O                          Open
CTRL+S                           Save file
CTRL+U                          Underline
F2                                   Edit cell
F5                                   Go to a specific cell
Alt + Enter                      Next line
Ctrl + 1                           Open the Format Cells window.
Ctrl + Shift + 1                Insert 00
Ctrl + Shift + 4                Insert Currency
Ctrl+F2                           Print preview
Ctrl+F1                           Show/Hide Menu/Ribbon
Ctrl+H                            Find & Replace
Ctrl arrow keys                Move to Edge of data region
Shift+F3                          Open Insert Function Box
Tab                                 Move to Cell
Shift+Tab                        Move to Previous cell
Ctrl+;                               Insert Date
Ctrl+Shift+;                     Insert Time

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