Monday, 1 February 2016

Best Secret Video Recorder for Android Phone & Tablet

Best Secret Video Recorder for Android Phone & Tablet,secret video recorder for android phone,secret video recorder app,how to record secret video,background video recording,secret recorder,secret video phone recorder,turn screen off video recorder,best secret video recorder app,Schedule secret video recorder,hide camera recorder,android hidden recording,hide video reocrding,record hidden,secret voice recorder,app    Secret Video Recorder is a one of the best app in google play store for free, you can record secret videos as background recording, No preview will shows on screen and you can use your phone as normal. This app has very easy user interface and nice feature.  App name is “Secret Video Recorder”
  • No preview will show on phone screen
  • Unlimited video recording.
  • Unlimited video duration.
  • Schedule to record video at specific time
  • Turn off camera shutter sound.
  • One touch to start/stop recording.
  • Can record during phone call.
  • Turn screen off and continue recording in background mode.
  • Supports front and back camera.
  • Protect videos by passcode locks screen.
  • Show/Hide video from Gallery.

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