Saturday, 19 December 2015

Premier Badminton League (PBL) 2016 Schedule

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badmiyagi .s said...

Cool! Nice to know the PBL is back and running again. Hope it's even more successful than the last one. I'm sure they've had ample time to smooth out any rough edges that may have delayed full compensation to the players etc. You know I have heard many people express how amazed they are by this sports galvanizing nature, and I've told them to follow the PBL online, especially here in the U.S. where it's not televised.
I have been an ambassador of the sport in many different ways because it's my passion. When people see the action online they've often expressed that the top players must only be part human, meaning they have to be part Superhuman.
They could be portrayed on Stan Lees 'Superhumans among us' which is a TV documentary series. I laugh because I've never thought about it this way since the sport is in my blood. Interesting perspective from someone on the outside looking in to where I've been for decades. I wish the league the best of luck!

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Jammy K cric said...

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