Sunday, 6 December 2015

How to Read View Play Text Files on TV (Watch Text Files into TV)

How to Play Text Files on TV,Read and Watch text file on tv screen,how to view pdf file in tv,how to ready text files in tv,tv file format,which type file tv support,text file,view & read word file on tv,excel file on tv,powerpoint file on tv,text file on tv screen,usb support,how to watch read view play text files on tv,file to play pdf word excel ppt file on tv,webpage on tv,through usb,Watch text Files into TV,pdf file on tv,how to read text file on tv screen Read and Watch text file on tv screen...How to Read View Play Text Files on TV (Watch text Files into TV)Normal USB TV does not come with in-built applications like, MS Office, PDF etc. So its mean you can’t directly view your word and PDF file to TV, but you can use VGA cable or other devices to mirror your desktop screen to TV.  But the easiest way to read your text file on TV screen is convert your file into notepad file format or copy paste your all text into notepad file.  Follows these easy steps to play your text file into TV.

1.    Make a notepad file, transfer notepad files into USB pen drive, attach usb to TV, press USB button in your TV remote.

2.    Select “Text” and select your file to play and press “Ok”

3.    In some there are options to change background color, text size and font color

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