Monday, 7 December 2015

How to Monitor internet speed in Android Phone (Internet Speed Meter)

Internet Access,How to check internet in android phone,how to check wi-fi speed in android phone,internet speed in status bar,internet speed meter in notification status bar,how to increase net speed,how to know net speed,monitor internet speed in phone,how to check data speed,internet speed checker,speed up wi-fi,How to Monitor internet speed in Android Phone (Internet Speed Meter) Internet Speed Meter Lite,how to check internet speed,upload speed,download speed Check your wi-fi and data internet speed in Android phone or tablet notification status bar, monitor real time net speed, Internet Speed Meter Lite is free app to check your internet speed in Android phone and tablet, its display internet speed in status bar and shows the amount of data used in notification.  You can easily monitor network connection anytime while using internet in your device, it has separate stats for Mobile network and Wi-Fi network, it also store traffic data for the last 30 days.  Just go to play store search for “Internet Speed Meter Lite” install and download.

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Edward Donaldson said...

I always thought of trying to monitor internet speed using this method, Thanks for the share. Here is a guide on getting a wireless router that actually works!

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