Thursday, 31 December 2015

How to Measure Distance & Area in Android Phone & Tablet

How to Measure Distance & Area in Android Phone & Tablet,how to measure length in android phone,how to calculate area,how to measure area in android phone,best app for measurement,maps measure,google measure,how to measure in google maps,roads,length,how to measure road length in maps,meter,measure distance,metric,length measurement app,how to measure area,area measure in android phone,Measure road length,area distance,elevation in android phone.“Maps Measure” is a simple and free app to measure distance of roads and areas for Android phone and tablet.  Download and install this app from play store and open the app, zoom in your particular area and just tap on start point to end point, Maps Measure will
then calculate the distance, area or elevation between those points. Swipe in from the left side to access more options, long-click on the trash icon to delete all set points. To delete previous points tap on “delete icon” on the top.

  • Measure distances, areas & elevations
  • Imperial & metric units
  • Save and share 
  • Map, hybrid-satellite & terrain view

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