Sunday, 1 November 2015

Immediate Disable These Things after Upgrade Windows 10

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1.        Stop automatic update
       Right click on “This PC” – “Manage” – “Services & Applications” – “Services” go down and find “Windows update” double click to open, in start up type select “Disable” and click on “Stop” – “Apply” – “Ok”

2.        Disable Keylogger
        Open “All Settings” from action center, click on “Privacy settings”-“General” disable “Send Microsoft info about how I write to help use improve typing and writing in the future”. Also disable “Speech, Inking and Typing menu and select the option that says Stop getting to know me” 

3.        Stop Windows 10 from sipping your bandwidth     
          “Setting” - Update & Security – “Advance options” – Choose how updates are delivered” and turn off

4.        Disable Wi-Fi Sense
      In Start menu  search for Wi-Fi settings and select Change Wi-Fi settings option “Manage Wi-Fi settings”, untick the options (Skype contacts etc) listed under For networks I select, share them with my.

5.        Stop notification
       “Setting” – “System” – “Notification & actions” and turn off the notifications.

6.        Disable Quick access
            Open “This PC” right click on “Quick Access” – “Options” uncheck the both options “Show recently used files..  and show frequently used folder”

7.        Disk Cleanup
            In Start search for disk cleanup “select your drive” and clean your drives

8.        Customize start up setting
           You can make large and small your start tiles by dragging, unpin unwanted apps, drag and drop your favorite apps into start tiles


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