Thursday, 15 October 2015

Windows 10: Screenshots Tips, Auto and Window Only Screenshots

Windows 10: Screenshots Tips auto and window only screenshots,how to take auto screenshot,how to window only screenshot,take screen selected area,screenshot in windows 10,screenshot tips & tricks,Screenshot (Profession),How to take auto screenshots,how to take selected window screenshots,how to make screenshot,printscreen,Prtsc,windows key + printscreen,alt + printscreen,desktop screen shot,how to use,auto save screenshot,active window only screenshotWe all knows how to take screenshots in windows PC, most commonly we use Printscreen button to take a screenshot, but here I am adding 2 more tips for screenshot, auto screenshot, its mean you can take screenshot continuously and it will auto save in your picture folder as a image file for this press “Windows key + PrtSc”, next one is window only screenshot, its mean only selected window or area will print screen to do this press “Alt + PrtSc” and paste your file into paint.

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