Sunday, 6 September 2015

How to Delete Gmail Read Mails & Messages in Shortcut

            In this article we will learn how to delete read messages and emails in gmail by using keyboard shortcut keys.  As we know keyboard shortcut key will save lot of time and work accurate. By using this shortcut key you can delete all read emails and messages from your primary, social, and promotions.. The best things is, it will select only showing page email not previous pages so you can easily find out which emails you have to delete.  So lets see how to do this.

1.    Login your gmail account click on gear box “Setting”“general” and check on “Keyboard shortcut on” go down and click on “Save changes”
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2.   Now keyboard shortcut is ON for your gmail account, this is one time setting.
3.    To delete read emails and messages hold “Shift” press “*” and leave both keys and press “R” your all read email & messages will selected, hold “shift” key and press  “#” to delete selected emails. In short the key is (Shift * R  and Shift #)

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