Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Shortcut key to View Icons (Extra large/Medium/Small/Titles/Details)

            Windows comes with lot of useful keyboard shortcut keys, here I found one of them, we all change icon view, size and style by using mouse.  But you can also do this by using simple keyboard shortcut keys for Extra Large Icons View, Large icons view, Medium icons view, Small icons view, List view, Details view, Tiles view, Content view… Let see how it work.

Open your drive or folder and press these key:
Shortcut key to View Icons (Extra large/Medium/Small/Titles/Details) in Windows,view icon,how to change icon view,how to change icon view size,Extra Large Icons View,Large icons view,Medium icons view,Small icons view,List view,Details view,Tiles view,Content view,shortcut key to change icon view,in windows pc,in drive,folder view icon,drive icon view,icon view size style,folder view,file view,video file,music file,how to do,laptop iconExtra Large Icons View :           Ctrl+Shift+1
Large icons view               :           Ctrl+Shift+2
Medium icons view         :           Ctrl+Shift+3
Small icons view               :           Ctrl+Shift+4
List view                              :           Ctrl+Shift+5
Details view                        :           Ctrl+Shift+6
Tiles view                            :           Ctrl+Shift+7
Content view                     :           Ctrl+Shift+8

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