Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Smart Electric Scooter S340 with 75km/hr Speed Long Battery Life

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Ather Energy's Scooter S340
Approx. Price 1.00 lakh

Specification of Ather Energy's Scooter S340
  • Top speed of 75 km/hr, doing 0-60 km/hr in 11 seconds.
  • 75% Lighter. At just 15 kgs.
  • Navigation & theft prevention.
  • Usage Data for Analytics.
  • Fast Charging
  • Smart Dashboard
  • The estimated driving range is to be between 50-100 kms
  • The Scooter will have lithium-ion battery can be recharged upto 90 percent in an hour.
  • The battery life will be 50,000 kms life cycle, with a life span ranging between 5 to 6 years.
  • Long lasting Battery charge - Vacation mode.

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