Sunday, 19 July 2015

How to Update Latest UI in Lenovo Phones

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1.         Its better to use wi-fi to update UI
2.         Charge your phone battery upto 30%
3.         Tap on phone “setting”“about phone”
4.         Tap on “System Updates” and than tap on “Check update”
5.         It will shows you current version of UI and New version of found
6.         Tap on “Update Now” download will start, let it to download
7.     After download tap on “Install updates” your phone will restart, and start to applying new UI.
8.         Don’t disturb or switch off phone during updating the phone.
9.         It will automatic upgrade and apply new UI to your phone.
10.      After successfully update, you will get home screen of your phone.  That’s it, you can check current version by going to setting-about phone-system update.

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it does not work on lenovo a5000

omar ahmad said...

it does not work on lenovo a5000

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