Tuesday, 17 March 2015

How to Update Android 5.0 Lollipop Look in Micromax Tablets

How to Update Android 5.0 Lollipop Look in Micromax Tablets
As we know there is no officially confirmation for lollipop update to all android tabs/ tablets.  Only some selected tabs will get android 5.0 lollipop updates.  Many people have tabs including me but there is no lollipop updates… What to do? Should we buy new tab? Or Root & Custom Rom? No…. I do not want to buy tab only reason for lollipop and I am not going to root my tab because its risky… I will go with safe way.   So just download and install nova launcher and lollipop apps to your device. …. (Watch below to know how to do this..)
1.          Nova Launcher
2.         Fancy switcher
2.         Lollipop Lock screen Android L
4.        Lollipop Wallpaper
1.          Lollipop Dialer L
2.         Calendar
3.         Messenger
4.         Lollipop Calculator
Like this you can update any Micromax tablets
Micromax Funbook P280, Micromax Funbook Duo P310, Micromax Canvas Tab P666, Micromax Canvas Tab P470, Micromax Funbook Mini P410i, Micromax Funbook P365, Micromax Canvas, Micromax Funbook Ultra HD P580, Micromax Funbook P300 with Wi-Fi, Micromax Funbook 3G P600, Micromax Canvas Tab P650, Micromax Funbook Pro P500 with Wi-Fi, Micromax Canvas Tab P470, Micromax P580i Funbook Ultra, Micromax Funbook P300, Micromax Funbook P500 etc….

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