Wednesday, 7 January 2015

How to Convert Power Point to JPEG Image

1.        Open your power point (PPT) file

2.        Click to “Office Button”  à “Save As” à “Other Formats”

3.        Extend the “Save as type” and click on “JPEG file Interchange Format”

4.        If you want you can change file and save on desktop or where you want

5.        Now click on “Save”

6.      It will ask “every slide convert or current slide” you can take as per your requirement, if you want current slide only click on “Current slide only” or if you want all slide click on “every slide”

7.     That’s it you did good job, now go to the file where have saved and use it as image if you converted all slide, it will make a folder by given file name.  

Watch video tutorial.... 

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