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Intex LED TV Tuner (IT195 FM) Price, Specification & Review

Intex LED TV Tuner  (IT195 FM) Price, Specification & Review
Intex LCD LED TFT TV Tuner  (IT195 FM)
Rs. 1154 $ 18.61

Key Features of Intex IT195 FM LCD LED TFT TV Tuner
·        Support 4:3, 16:9 display mode
·        Preview all programms in 4,9 or 16 pictures
·        Full Channel Scan
·        Support PAL BG/DK/I/M/N or NTSC oe
      SECAM BG/DK system of cable tv and air TV
·        Support all systems of input video
·        Full functional remote control operating, OSD displaying
·        Using Video, S-video interfaces, able to connect with camera,
      VCD or TV Game Console
·        Support Video Outout function ro connect to the monitor or DVR
·        With FM Function

I interface   
  • POWER Connect 5V DC
  • VGA IN 8-pin mini DIN
  • LINE IN 3.5mm STEREO Audio port
  • (connect with LINE OUT interface of sound card)
  • AUDIO IN L/R RCA jack (connect with DVD, VCR and etc)
  • Antenna 750hm TV Antenna RF jack
  • VIDEO IN 75 Ohm RCA jack
  • S-VIDEO cable to 4-pin mini DIN

O interface  
  • VGA OUT 15-pin D-SUB
  • AUDIO OUT 3.5mm STEREO Audio port
  • VIDEO OUT 75 Ohm RCA jack

Power Consumption       
  • Less than 5W

RF Reception Range           
  • PAL System               : 48.25-863.25 MHz
  • NTSC System            : 55.25-801.25 MHz

TV System Support          

Package Contents:
  • External LCD TV Tuner Box
  • User's Manual
  • Remote Control
  • AAA 1.5 battery for remote
  • VGA Cable
  • Stereo Audio Cable
  • Power Adapter
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