Wednesday, 10 December 2014

How to Share Use & Control Your Desktop Screen In Phone Or Tablet

How to Share Use & Control Your Desktop Screen In Phone Or Tablet  chrome remote desktop
            There may be lot of other ways to share and use desktop screen in android phone or tablet.  But I like to use Chrome Remote Desktop, its safe, free and easy to use.   Just follow these steps to setup Chrome Remote Desktop for your computer and android devices.

1.         In your computer open google and search for “Chrome Web Store” open chrome store and in bottom side click on “Extension” and in search bar type and search “Chrome Remote Desktop” click on this  “Free” and “Add”, just wait for while, you will get new window.

2.         In new window you can see “Chrome Remote desktop” click on that and click on “Continue”. Now type your gmail id and password to sign in and click on “Accept”

3.    In “My Computer” click on “Get Started” and click on “Enable remote connections” click on “ok” a one more app will download in your computer, after downloaded, install that app in your computer. It will take few minute to installation.

4.      After successfully install, go back and open once again “Chrome Remote Desktop” and click on “Enable remote connections”

5.         Enter pin minimum 6 digits….. and click on “ok”       
6.    Now come to your phone and go to play store and search “Chrome Remote Desktop” download and install this app in your android device.  Open “Chrome Remote Desktop” app in your android phone or tablet and enter the same pin which you have entered in chrome browser and click on “connect”.  That’s it….. You did great job, now enjoy your desktop screen in your android phone or tablet…..
            Note: (1) Use same gmail id in both computer and phone (2) Your computer not be sleep mode (3) You must have a internet connection in both computer and android device.

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