Monday, 27 October 2014

Watch Dual Audio Movies in TV

Watch Dual Audio Movies in TV English Hindi          Everyone want to watch their favorite movies in their own languages.  In the computer you can easily change the movie audio but in TV its title tricky.  If you have movie in dual audio than you can play and watch your movie in dual audio system in your TV, its not a big deal, almost all latest TV’s has this option and you can change audio from your remote control… Just follow these steps. (Note some TV’s not supports some audio formats).   

1.          Switch on your TV and plug in your USB drive or other drive which has movies.

2.      Wait for a while your USB will detect automatically, If not, than press “USB” button in your remote.

3.         Select and play your movie.

4.       When your movie is playing press “Ok” button in remote and you will get some option like “Repeat” “Subtitle” “Information” “Video Track” 
Watch Dual Audio Movies in TV English Hindi

5.       Select and open “Video Track” you will get available tracks, like “Track 1 or Track 2”
Watch Dual Audio Movies in TV English Hindi

6.         Try to change the track 1 or 2 to change the language.

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

My TV doesn't have the Video Track option... I have a Phillips 4K UHD TV. What can I do??? Do I need to download something to the TV or give up to the fact that the audio tracks of my movies are not supported...

Smart Saqib said...

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HuyenPham said...

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Unknown said...

Mam I have videocon lcd ,
How can i switch the languages while playing movies on it. . I checked all the feature I don'T get any sort.. Plzz help me i have all movies in English, i want to watch it in hindi what can i do🤦‍♀

David Jason said...

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