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Send Money Through SMS, No Account Number, ATM or Internet Needed

Send Money Through SMS, No Account Number, ATM or Internet Needed

            To get start this services you will have to register for mobile banking by linking your mobile number with your savings account.  You can do this by visiting your bank branch or through a bank ATM service.

            After this the bank give you a form just fill and submit it with a photo identity after this you will get a kit which will have your mobile money identifier (MMID) number, a seven digit code, and mobile personal identification number (mPIN).    MMID number acts like the debit card, except it is a virtual number and mPIN is your password.

Send money through SMS phone to phone
The recipient does not need to have any bank account, internet connection and ATM card.  The only thing is need that he/she have mobile number.  The receivers have to go to an ATM of your bank and withdraw cash using the details received through SMS. There is no need for an ATM card. It is one-time opportunity to withdraw cash from account without using your ATM card for next time have to send next sms. Once the recipient successfully punches in your mobile number, the two sets of codes given to the sender and the recipient as well as the correct amount, he or she will be able to successfully withdraw cash.

How to use
Just it will ask the sender seven digit MMID number and will eventually lead you to the IMPS option.  There you will have to select fund transfer, enter the receiver’s phone and MMID numbers next enter the amount and feed in your mPIN to complete the process. You will get a 12 digit reference number after successfully transfer  

Send money through SMS to an account
Compose an SMS and type IMPS followed by the receiver’s account number, IIFSC code and the amount you want to send. Once you done this you will get a message for mPIN just enter this.  And press okay button and the transaction would take place immediately,  you will get confirmation sms from bank

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