Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How to use Google Translate in Android Phone (Learn any Language)

          Google Translate is a cool app from Google, the Google Translate can translate almost all languages, just speak your word in your own language Google translate will translate in other languages, Google translate also translate your typing word into other languages. You can also you handwriting option.  Follow the steps below to know how to use Google translate in Android phone  (Watch Video tutorial end of the post)

1.       Go to “Google play store” and search “Google Translate” download and install.

2.      After install tap on “Google Translate icon” from your phone menu.

3.       Select your language and then select translate language

4.      Now you have three option to translation, speak, type, and handwriting.

5.       The best option always choose Speak because its easy and fast to use, just tap on “Mic” button and speak your words the google translate will translate in your chosen language.

6.      Like this you can type your word google translate your text in both text and voice.

7.       You can also use handwriting option but its too hard to use in smartphone.

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