Saturday, 16 August 2014

How to Increase Internet Speed in Android Phone

        There are lot of apps and tricks you can find at the internet about how to increase internet speed, some of them work and some of them not, but we always try new tricks to get good speed, The same thing I am trying to do, I am talking about a app called “Increase Internet Speed” its free app you can download from Google Play store.  This app claim that it will help to increase your internet speed, you can try this, something is better than nothing.

1.      Download and install free app from Google Play store “Increase Internet Speed” by pl Developers)

2.      After you download and install, the icon will appear in phone menu, click on that.  If you got any ads just close

3.       After open app tap on “Meter image”

4.      Now you can see the Actual Speed and Available Speed

5.       Tap on “Off” to turn “On” the app and your actual speed will be increase.  Now browse and check your speed.


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