Thursday, 26 June 2014

How to Make Your Computer Run Faster

1)       Empty Recycle Bin

2)      Click on start type “run” and type “%temp%” press Enter and delete all files and once again type “temp” in run and delete all file.

3)      Click on start type “run” and type “recent” press Enter and delete all files.

4)       Click on start type “run” and type “prefetch” press Enter and delete all files.

5)   Click on start type “run” and type “msconfig” à “Startup” disable unwanted software.

6)       Right click on your Disk à properties à disk cleanup  

7)       Right click on your Disk à properties à tool à check now à mark both option and click on “Start”

8)      Uninstall unwanted and unnecessary software go to “control panel” à “program and features” select the program and click uninstall

9)       Don’t put unwanted files and data on desktop

10)     Install anti virus software

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