Friday, 7 March 2014

Sugar will Charge your Smartphone Battery for 10 days backup

            One more addition going to add in technology, in future sugar will not only use for sweet purpose but also it will use for charging your smartphone battery.  Virginia Polytechnic Institute Researchers are designing a new bio battery with 10 days backup of smartphone for normal use.  The bio battery converts sugar into energy like our metabolism decomposing sugar into carbon dioxide and water while releasing electrons.

            Zhingaung Zhu explained that lithium ion battery can only for one day.  In the future it would use sugar as the fuel. Then the phone could last 10 days.  The new bio battery converts sugar into energy which means more power output than the previous bio batteries and longer battery charge than lithium ion batteries. Its gets efficiency by using a novel system of enzymes which are proteins that help the reaction to take place.

            So in future our smartphone will run for 10 days by using sugar battery charging.  The researcher doing hard work to make it possible to launched as soon as possible.  So just wait for it when it will become reality. 

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