Monday, 3 March 2014

Microsoft Excel shortcut keys : How to do product/multiply/into

How to do product
            There are lot of tricks and tips for every software and application, everyone use different types of method to accomplish work, in today’s world people want to do smart work instead of doing hard work, here I am talking about Microsoft Excel which is best application for doing calculation and formulas but sometime it irrigated to creating formulas, so don’t use lengthy and typical method to creating any type of formulas in excel.  Here I will show you some easy shortcut method for doing product, multiply or you can say into.  Just follow these easy steps.

There are two method for doing product/multiply in excel.
1.         First method: Keep the cursor on cell where you want to do product
2.         Press “=” and move the cursor on values by using arrow keys and press “*” after done for one value again move the cursor for second value and do the same, do this till the end value and in last value just move the cursor and press “Enter” (Please see below video for easy understand)

3.       Second method: Keep the cursor on cell where you want to do product and press “Alt +” the entire value will selected and press “F2” then type “Product” in the place of “SUM” and press enter.
            (See below video) 

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