Friday, 14 March 2014

How to insert video to Power Point Presentation

There are two methods to insert video to your power point presentation. (i) Offline (from your drive or computer) (ii) Embedding video directly form Youtube embed (link given below for second method).


Offline means you can insert video to power point presentation from your drive or from your computer no internet connection needed but video should be in AVI or WMV format. And the second is embedding directly video from youtube but its need high internet speed or Wifi where you are presenting.  Here I will explain the first method that is offline method to inserting video to your power point presentation.  Follow these steps.

1.         Open your presentation and make a space where you want to insert video.  

2.        Click on “Insert” - “Movie” - “Movie from file” a dialog box will appear select your video and click “Open”  

3.       It will ask how to play video “Automatically” or “When clicked” select anyone as per you requirement. 

4.       If you selected “When clicked” then double click on video it will start to play or if you selected “automatically” it play when you click “slid show”

5.       Video will insert to presentation adjust video size as per your space.

        (Click here to see second method)


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