Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Gmail shortcut keys: How to go Inbox, Sent Mail, Drafts, Starred

You don not need to use mouse for going to inbox, sent mail, draft, starred, just use these easy shortcut keys for doing all these things.  Gmail account has lot of shortcut key itself just you need to use and utilize that on the right place and as we knows mouse took longer time than using keyboard shortcut keys, why we shouldn’t use shortcut keys even Gmail itself provide the easy way to work in Gmail.  Follow these steps.   

1.       Sign in your Gmail account
2.      Click on “Gear > Setting> General” and then slowly go down and find “keyboard shortcuts” turn ON that.

3.      Go down and click on “Save changes” (this is one time setting)
4.     Come to your mail box 
5.      For go to 'Inbox' press "g then i"
6.      For go to 'Sent Mail' press "g then t"
7.      For go to 'Draft' press "g then t"
 8.     For go to 'Starred press "g then s"

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