Saturday, 15 March 2014

Are you bore? Than visit here

Sometime we feel bore even we seat infront of computer and internet, we really don’t know what to do, what to see and where to do this. So here I am going to suggest you something very interesting and new learning things on website

Visit anyone of this web site  

1. bsocialshine: This blog always talk about learn new things on technology, social, culture, the key words of this blog are smartphones, apps, news, solutions, answers and whats new in world. 

2. isitnormal: Is a type of funny site where you can realize whether your thoughts, feelings and urges are normal or abnormal.

3. usefulscience : Yah its very helpful to increase your knowledge about science world. This site has tonnes of summaries of researcher paper and journals. 

4. dearphotograph : The website has superb combined of old and new photograph of the people.

5. stratocam :  This is a slide show of google satellite images of earth, this web has best collection of google satellite map.
6. awkwardfamilyphoto: Okey its a funny picture website where peoples shares their funny and awkward moment happened accidentally. 

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