Monday, 10 February 2014

Gmail shortcut keys : How to select and delete mail

Using mouse always took extra time and boring, why we shouldn’t use keyboard shortcut keys for everything, almost all every one has Gmail account and there are tones of unwanted email stored in our mail box, why they stored because we feel bore to delete them at the same time.  How it will be when we delete email by using keyboard shortcuts, yes you can do this very easily and here I will show you how to select and delete your email by using keyboard shortcut keys.  You don’t need to install any extra software or any other things, this option is available in your Gmail account just we need to find out in the right way.  Just follow the steps how to do this. 
1.       Sign in your Gmail account
2.       Click on “Gear > Setting> General” and then slowly go down and find “keyboard shortcuts” turn ON that.

3.       Go down and click on “Save changes”
4.      Come to your mail box and press “X” for selecting mail and then   
         press “Shift #” for deleting.  
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