Saturday, 22 February 2014

Gmail shortcut keys for attachment and sending emails

We all knows attachment and sending files need to use mouse and using mouse is always take long time than using keyboard shortcut key.  If the gmail not provide a shortcut keys for attachment than its time to we find alternative way to do this.  So in this post I will show you how to attach and send files in Gmail by using keyboard shortcut keys, just follow these easy steps.

1.         Open your Gamil account
2.      Click the “Gear” “setting” come down and find “Keyboard Shortcut”  click on “ON” go down and click on “Save changes” (This is one time setting)

3.       Press “C” for open attachment window
4.       Insert your mail recipient and press “Tab” to type your subject and again press “Tab” to type your message.
5.        After this press “Tab 4 times” and press “Enter” file upload box will appear select your file press “Enter” your attachment will start after attachment just press “Ctrl+Enter” your mail will be send. 
         (O’h do not think its too hard just watch this video you will understanding   

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