Sunday, 16 February 2014

Get 4G speed at 3G recharges

Now enjoy 4G speed at 3G prices, Aritel launched India’s first 4G services on mobiles in India. According to Airtel and partner iPhone 5S and 5C user will be able to use 4G services because  these phones supports 2300Mhz TD-LTE band.  Other phones that support 2300MHZ TD-LTE band will also be able to enjoy 4G services, like Huawei, Ascend P1 LTE.  Airtel says that 3G user will be able to get 4G internet services at the same rate of their current 3G tariffs plans they may not charge any extra mount for 4G internet speed.  To get 4G speed on 3G charge users will have to upgrade their SIM card to a 4G SIM Card. The one more good thing is Airtel announced 10GB of 4G data just Rs. 1,000 for heavy data users.
4G speed data tarrif plans.
Data                          Rental (Rs.)
2GB                :           450
3GB                :           650
4GB               :           750
10GB              :           999               
12GB              :           1299  
15GB              :           1449
25GB             :           2049
45GB             :           2999
80GB             :           4799

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