Thursday, 27 February 2014

Free Wifi to All On Earth

Do you believe this? Yah I shocked first time when I heard this, so what exactly they are doing to make this possible because making Wifi free everywhere on earth it’s not an easy job.  40% of people avoid internet connection due many issues like government restrictions, no internet service on place or because of high cost internet connection. The main reason of this project is to provide free Wifi to villages, needy people and the places where the internet connection not available.

            As I said free Wifi for everyone on earth. Now lets check how this possible, a US company is planning to build a global network of cube satellites.  The aim of this non-profit organization is to provide internet to all the people on the planet with free of cost. According to company’s planning; hundreds of cube satellite will launch to create pool in sky, this allow internet access with phone and computer. However this project is not cheap as a report said the roughly estimate of this project is $ 100000 to $300000.  The exact date of this project has not announced but it might be launch in next summer. 

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