Monday, 2 December 2013

How to become great teacher important tips

1. Teach in your own style
2. Enjoy the objective your are teaching
3. Make lessons meaningful.
4. Appear happy and enthusiastic.
5. Get silence before you start speaking to the class
6. Control the students' entry to the classroom
7. Know & use the students' names
8. Be mobile: walk around the class
9. Learn voice control
10. Have additional material for bright and slow students.
11. Look at the class when speaking & learn how to scan
12. Develop an effective question technique
13. Be firm and consistent in giving punishments
14. Encourage Students (i.e. good efforts).
15. See each child as a child, and not a diagnosis.
16. You deal with upset kids, clueless administrators, and pushy parents with grace and dignity.
17. You love your job and it shows.
18. Your students love you, too.
19. Make sure all of your students understand what you are teaching. If you ask your class, they may say yes but you may not hear the little voice that says no.
20. Your evaluation (i.e. tests and quizzes) should be formed based on the original objective.
21. It is important to use questioning techniques throughout to check that the learner has understood.
22. It is important to have some distance from your students, don’t be personal 

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