Saturday, 21 December 2013

Audio record with Wifi smartpen price and full specificaion

Smartpen audio recording with Wifi
Livescribe Sky Wifi smartpen
Starting at $169.95

Sky Wifi smartpen records everything you hear, say and write. It is a great ideal for seminars, meetings, conferences, classroom lectures, and journalists; literally it’s for everyone who belongs to information and technology discussions. You can record audio anytime anywhere with easily. The sky Wifi Smartpen links your audio recordings to your notes so you can find easily what you need.

Memory storage : 800 hours audio recording (available in 2GB,4GB or 8GB models).

Microphone : It has great microphone for capture your meetings or lectures 
with crisp, clear sound.

Wifi : You can send notes and audio to your account wirelessly

Built in speaker : Build-in speaker produces rich, full sound to play back your recorded audio.

Audio jack : 3.5mm jack

Charging : You can charge smartpen by micro USB cable.

Ink tip : You can easily remove and insert ink cartridge to smartpen

Display : OLED display 

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