Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Microsoft excel shortcut: sum, multiply, percentage & divided

In this article you learn how to do sum, multiply/product, percentage and divided in Microsoft excel this shortcut will work in all version of Microsoft excel. This is the easiest and fast way to do calculation of your values in excel.

1.  Sum : Keep the cursor at end of value and press  "Alt=" and then press "Enter"
2. Multiply/Product : Press "=" and move cursor on your values by using arrow keys, and press "Shift+8(*)" and again move your cursor to next value and do same "Shift+8(*)" when you reach last column only press "enter" (please see the below video)
3.  Perchance: Press "=" move the cursor on value and press "*value%" press "enter" (ex. if u want to 2% press "*2%" ) and then "enter" 
4.  Divided : Press "=" move the cursor on value and press "/value" and press "enter" (ex. for 20 divided type "/20" and press "enter"

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