Monday, 18 November 2013

Microsoft excel shortcut: How to insert date, Serial Number, Round

Microsoft excel is always difficult for beginner because of commands, formuals and calculation but here I will show the easy and simple way of inserting date, serial number and how to make round off. 

How to insert Date 
1. The date in cell (Month/day/year, 11/18/2013)
2. Hold and drag the cell by using mouse 

 How to insert serial number
1. Type your starting serial number (ex. 0, or 1)
2. Hold "Ctrl" key and drag the cell by your mouse 

How to round 
1. Round mean sometime we don't need to show decimal (ex. 5878.58, the .58 is decimal)
2. Keep cursor on cell press "F12" the formula will show if you given (ex. =A3*B3) for doing round off you have to edit formula (=round(A3*B3,0) and press "Enter" 

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