Saturday, 9 November 2013

Microsoft excel shortcut Header footer, rows repeat, Print Preview

Microsoft excel become difficult when you use shortcut keys, here I am trying to show you some useful shortcut keys of header footer, rows repeat and print preview. 

1.  How to insert header footer by using shortcut keys: Press "Alt+VH" and insert your header and footer and click outside the page and press "Escape" for exit.

2.  How to repeat your title rows on every page: keep courser on title row from where you want to repeat your row then go to page setup by pressing "Alt+PSP" click on "Sheet" and keep courser "Rows to repeat at top" and then hold "Shift key and select the area by pressing forward arrow key" and press "enter"

3. How to see print preview : Just press "Alt+F2" and "Escape" for exit

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