Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How to reduce or compress image file size

Everyone feel bad when their image/photo file aren't accept because of over size, we all knows there are tonnes of software to make reduce and compress image file size but here I am talking about reduce the file size without using any software, yes you can do this.

1.   Right click on your image (or drag image on paint)
2.  Right click on your image and then click on "edit"
3.  Your image will open in paint
4.  Click on "home" in paint
5.  Click on "Resize"  then click on "percentage" 
        (or you can take pixels, but I prefer percentage)

6.  Insert the value howmuch you want to compress your image file, (for example, 75 in horizontal 75 in vertical) and "save as" your image file. 
7.  Now check the file size by right click on image then property 

for more detail see this video.... please share & subscribe

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