Monday, 11 November 2013

How to make your Android phone faster

How you feel when your phone hangout in emergency, think to through in dust bin don't do this, make your Android phone faster just doing same little changes, just try this 9 step to make your phone faster, make changes and feel the difference. 

1. Turn off or disable browser plugins 
    (Browser - Settings - Plugins)
2. Clear browser history, cache, cookies 
    (Browser - Settings - Privacy & security)
3. Turn off or disable live wallpaper
4. Turn off or disable screen animations 
    (Settings - Display - Animations)
5. Move your application from phone to SDcard 
    (Setting - Apps.)
6. Uninstall wanted and unused applications
7. Use launchers like ADW or LauncherPro
8. Reduce the widgets and icons on your home screens
9. Reduce frequency of data updates 
    (Settings - Accounts)

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