Tuesday, 1 October 2013

WhatsApp free text, audio, video messages

WhatsApp is a messenger for instant messaging subscription service for smartphones users can  share images, text messages, audio & video it launched in 2009 WhatsApp reached 27 billion messages as daily record as August 2013 WhatsApp has over 300 million active users.  WhatsApp is a mobile messaging application which allows you to send messages with free of cost, it available on Blackberry, Android, iPone, Windows phones and Nokia, WhatsApp run on 3G or Wifi to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes and video its free for first year after first year it charge $0.99/year.

1.  You can send unlimited messages for free
2.  You can share location,custom wallpapers, chat history, 
     contacts, MMS, sound notification.
3.  No need to sign out and sign in its always  ON and connected
4.  It save offline messages until you retrieve them.
5.  You can do group conversations with your contacts.
6. There is no cost to send international WhatsApp messages. 
7.  Its register on phone number, no PINS or username required.
8.  WhatsApp use your address book to automatically connect you with your contacts it display WhatsApp contacts automatically 

How to use   
1.  Download and install WhatsApp in your phone and register 
     with your phone number 

2.  Pres "+" button and then click on "status" to change your 
    current status.   

3. To chart a chat click on "contact" and the click on who is available and then click on "chats"
4.   To start a group chart click on "New Group" and type a group name and add your contact 
5.  To change your setting click on "setting" you can edit your name or profile. 

6.  To block contacts tap on setting" "chat setting" "block"

 See video for more detail... please share and subscribe 

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