Thursday, 3 October 2013

Virtual projection keyboard for PC and phone

Virtual project keyboard was invented by IBM engineers in the year 1992, later 2002 it was redeveloped for portable computer size like a fountain pen,  projection keyboard detects and analysis human finger motion when a finger passes through the infrared light source it perform the keyboard objects on the screen, projection keyboard is a input computer device, the image of keyboard is projected on the surface when finger touch the surface covered by an image of key its record the keystroke.  Virtual project keyboard connects in two ways that is USB and bluetooth and there is 3 types of keyboard (1) Illumination module (2)Projector module (3) Sensor module.
1.  QWERTY English keyboard 
2.  Supports to XP/Windows 7/Vista
3. Comfortable for iPad/Windows  
     phone/iPhone/Android Phone 
    (2.2 or higher)
4.  Bluetooth connectivity 
5.  Rechargeable battery 
6.  Easy to move one place to another place
7.  Plug and play no separate driver required 
8.  Shortcuts keys and function icons 
9.  No worry to your keyboard became dirty, less maintenance 
     and less space.    

How to connect PC/Laptop via USB
1.  Connect the keyboard using mini USB to use the cable.
2.  Turn ON keyboard power
3.  Solid green LED indicates the successfully connection 

How to connect PC/Laptop via Bluetooth 
1.  No need to install extra driver in Windows 7
2.  Turn ON keyboard power button, blue light indicates the device is ready to pair. 
3.  Turn ON your PC/laptop bluetooth
4.  In your PC/laptop click on bluetooth icon on the task bar it will search keyboard after search select the keyboard and click next.    
5.  Enter passkey and press enter
6.  You can create your passkey by clicking "create passkey" it will show 8 digit passkey. 
7.  A solid blue LED indicates for successfully paring.   

How to connect phone via bluetooth
1.  Keep keyboard in SPP mode by sliding button to lower position.
2.  Turn ON power button by sliding right 
3.  Blue LED indicates the ready to pair
4. Open bluetooth in your phone and scan for new device. 
5.  Your phone will detect keyboard and display a massage (Pair with this device" click on that.
6.  Enter PIN to pair with keyboard. 

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