Saturday, 28 September 2013

Wireless speakers features & how to connect

Wireless speakers is a one more addition in technology it come with wireless and 3.5mm jack it connect almost all audio and video devices.  To be honest wires and cables annoying and big disturb us when we want to feel free, wireless speaker give freedom to easily move speaker one place to another place it work like a FM radio, the signal frequency is generally same as cordless telephones, 900MHZ wireless speaker are perfect for outdoor entertaining with 150 feet range of signal transmitter.  The distance of signal and sound clearity is depend upon their model and manufacturer, check document before you buy. 

1.  Portable for indoor and outdoor
2.  It connect laptop, mobile, tablet via beluetooth
3.  Great sound clearity without any disturbance
4.  Remote control 
5.  It pairs easily with smartphones and table via bluetooth  
6.  It remembers recently used devices no need to connect again 
     and again 
7.  It run on both battery and power adopter
8.  Chargeable battery 

How to connect to TV, DVD and Audio device
1.  Plug the single end Y cable to audio input and double end into colour matching audio out jack.
2.  Wireless distance range depend upon their manufacture models so check the documents and turn ON volume of speakers and plug the power adopter into the speakers. 
3.  Turn ON your audio or video devices and adjust volume to a normal level.  Make sure power indicator lights are ON.
4.  Rise volume on two speaker to a comfortable level.  

How to connect with bluetooth 
1.  Turn ON speaker power
2. Turn ON bluetooth in device 
3.  In speaker hold the bluetooth button for 4 seconds, the indicator will start flashing blue.
4. After the pairs your device will show speaker as the model number just select and prompt to speaker.
5. If password key asked put the number "0000" or "1234" (default passkey for majority of bluetooth) if it doesn't work see the manual of your speaker. 
6.  After successfully paired speaker bluetooth indicator will flash. 
7. Adjust the volume of both in device and speakers.

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Joe Root said...

Power ratings of speakers always get a lot of attention, but often too much attention because power is but one factor among several others. Also, bear in mind that direct sunlight does nothing to help your speakers.