Sunday, 15 September 2013

Very important keyboard shortcut keys for internet users

Many people don't like to use mouse because they have to move their hands from keyboard to mouse and using mouse take more time instead of using keyboard.  I really hate to use mouse because of this I research on keyboard shortcuts.  Whenever my hand goes on mouse I just think why not this can't do with keyboard shortcut because of this passion I have search lot of shortcuts by own experiment, here I would like to mention some very important keyboard shortcut keys for Internet users. 

Mozilla firefox shortcut keys

Alt + D                    :       Go to address bar
Ctrl + T                   :       Open new tab
Ctrl + N                         Open new window
Ctrl + K                         Go to search bar
Ctrl + page up & Down: Move to next and previous tabs
Ctrl + H                   :       Open sidebar history
Ctrl + shift + H       :       Open Library window history
Ctrl + shift + Del    :       Clear recent history
Ctrl + D                   :       Bookmark
Ctrl + S                   :       Save page
Ctrl + A                   :       Select all
Ctrl + F                   :       Find
Home                      :       Go to home
End                          :       Go to end
Alt+ left arrow key :       Back
Alt+ right arrow key:      Forward
F5                            :       Relod the page
Ctrl + W                  :       Close tab
Cltr + Shift + W     :       Close the window

Watch this article in video tutorial

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