Tuesday, 3 September 2013

MS Power point 2007 shortcut key and making

Hi guys, as we all knows shortcut keys will help us for doing fast and easy work.   Everyone wants to do fast and smart work without shortcut key you cant do fast and reliable work.  Here I have mentioned some major shortcut keys for Microsoft Power point 2007 and I have shown in my video how it works. 

Shortcut keys 

 ALT + N,T,I       :  Insert table
ALT + I,S            : Insert symbol 
ALT + O,B          : Insert bullet 
ALT + O,S          : Line spacing
CTRL+SHIFT+P: Font style & size
CTRL + E           : Center alignment 
CTRL + L           : Left alignment 
CTRL + R           : Right alignment 
CTRL + J            : Justify 
CTRL + X           : Cut
CTRL + V           : Paste
CTRL + C           : Copy
CTRL + N           : New presentation 
CTRL + P           : Print
ALT+SHIFT+D   : Add date
ALT+SHIF+P      : Insert slide number

Watch video to see how shortcut will work

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