Monday, 23 September 2013

Microsoft word : how to make Portrait and landscape in same word doc

Hi, everyone today we will learn how to make portrait and landscape in same word document. The method is same for both word 2007 and 2003.

How to make Portrait and Landscape in same document
1)  Open word document the page will be in portrait 
2)  Put cursor end of page or text
3)  Go to "Page setup" or use shortcut (in 2007 press "Alt+P,S,P, in 2003 press "Alt+F,U")
4)  Page setup window will appear on your screen
5)  In "Orientation" Click on "Landscape" then,
6)  In down there is a option of "Apply to" Click on "This point forward" the cursor will go in next page your page landscape now if you want next page portrait put your cursor end of page or text, then go to "page setup" click on "Portrait" then click "Apply to" "This point forward" your page will be portrait. 

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