Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Microsoft Windows 2007 shortcut keys

Everyone wants to do work in short way, absolutely using mouse is take long time than the using keyboard shortcut keys.   Here i am try to share some of my shortcut keys. 
You can make shortcut key to open any desktop application. 
  • Right click on desktop application. 
  • Click "Property"
  • Click "Shortcut"
  • Enter your shortcut key in "Shortcut key" box (Two keys is compulsory)
  • Click "Apply"
  • Click "Ok"

Windows Key +D
Minimize all windows on all Monitors. Press again to restore previous state
Windows Key +M
Minimize all windows on current Monitor
Windows Key +Shift+M
Restore previously minimized windows on current Monitor
Windows Key +E
Start Windows Explorer (in My Computer)
Windows Key +Spacebar
Preview Desktop / make windows transparent
Ctrl + N
Open new instance of Windows Explorer
Windows Key +R
Open the Run window
Windows Key +F1
Display Windows Help
Change the file name of active item
Ctlr+mouse scroll wheel
Change size of icons
Delete an item permanently without placing it into the Recycle Bin
Create new folder
Switch to the next window.
Close the active window.
Restore the size of the active window after you maximize it.
Copy a picture of the screen to the Clipboard.
Move to the next option or option group.
Move to the previous option or option group.
Display the Save As dialog box.

See this video for more information


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