Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Microsoft Excel 2007 shortcut keys

I will show you very easy formula for sum
Type your values
Select the value with one extra row and press "Alt+"

Multiply or product
Type value 
 20          20        
Press “=” key, move cursor by using arrow keys on column and then Press “*” key and again move cursor to next column n press enter.  See below video to how its work.

List of all major shortcut keys  in Microsoft Excel 2007.  
Ctrl+9                             Hide rows.
CTRL+0                         Hide columns.
CTRL+B                        Bold formatting.
CTRL+D                        Fill Down command to copy the content
CTRL+F                         Find and Replace
CTRL+I                          Italic formatting.
CTRL+N                        Creates a new
CTRL+O                        Open
CTRL+P                         Print
CTRL+S                         Save file
CTRL+U                        Underline
CTRL+PgUp                  Switches between worksheet left to right.
CTRL+PgDn                  Switches between worksheet right to right.
CTRL+SHIFT+(            Unhides rows
CTRL+SHIFT+)            Unhides columns
Ctrl + shift +                   Insert the column & row
F2                                  Edit cell
F7                                  Check spelling
F11                                Creates a chart of selected data
F12                                Display save as

See my video for more shortcuts


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